Our purpose is to make it possible for you to live Italy and its culinary traditions from all over the world. You ’ll discover the beauty of Italian landscapes and the freshness of Mediterranean products straight from home and with the help of an Italian chef. We offer 20 recipes of some of the most classical Italian dishes broken down step by step, plenty of secrets and tricks, mixing the tradition of our grandmothers ’ way of cooking with a purely modern taste. Our chef will explain to you the importance of choosing the freshest ingredients, which are the key in Italian cuisine. You will finally see how to make a proper carbonara and how to put together a great dough to get the nicest homemade pizza. But also amatriciana, focaccia, risotto, spaghetti with meatballs and many other dishes… we ' ve got all covered for you! We will also include some variations on authentic recipes to suit your dietrey requirements, you ’ll be able to turn recipes into vegan, halal, hindu or gluten free. The great thing about this course is that you will enjoy it and will benefit from it whether you are a restaurateur who desires to sell something authentic, a becoming chef who wants to have an extra gear, or simply if you want to learn something new and live an experience that goes beyond your cooking habits. So let us take you to the kitchen and let' s get started with our trip to and… FromItaly!
Chef Martin Mc Burney

Authentic Italian Cuisine

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