20 video recipes to live Italian authenticity wherever you are!

Chef's Identikit

Martin Mc Burney is an Italian-Irish chef. In the last 10 years he gained experience working in restaurants all over the world; but now he decided to start a new challenge in Genova, Italy, where he is working in a fine dining restaurant.

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This is the official Italian pizza, if you also want to learn how to make lasagne, pesto, grissini, pasta alla carbonara, and many more Italian dishes... just join our class!

This course is for you if... are cooking passionate

To the ones who love cooking and want to surprise people with authentic Italian flavours want to improve your skills

Chef Martin will show you all the secrets of the Italian way of cooking to start a career or grow up a passion are a Restaurant owner

You'll find tips, secrets and recipes to find new inspiration are looking for a new adventure

To the ones who are novices in the kitchen and want to step up,
Chef Martin will guide you through the discovery of a new way of cooking